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Why “GrunMila”? 


The story behind the name

‘Grün’ is a german word for ‘Green’ and Mila... well, that’s me! My step father gave me that nickname and it stuck! He is sadly no longer with us, but his love will remain always in my hearth and I wanted to honor him in this way 💚 

For unpredictable and random reasons, most of my close family members now live in Munich. Using a german word in the Grunmila label made me feel like I’m somehow making them part of this journey of work and passion. 

Everything about Grünmila has been carefully thought and planned with my heart in it, it’s not just a label, it’s a meaningful combination of words and worlds to describe what I truly care about: hopes, dreams and family.

Beyond the brand, Grunmila is a family for those who want a better life having healthy food.

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